Tokyo Stopover: The Mini Guide


I’ve been to Tokyo several times and often get asked for advice and tips. Despite visiting so many times and having a great love for the city, I feel by no means qualified to offer a comprehensive guide to Tokyo. It is just too big, and there is just too much to cover. Every street has so much to offer. But I understand how personal recommendations are really valuable in a city like Tokyo, where first time visitors might feel daunted by all the options available to them.

I hope that Tokyo Stopover: The Mini Guide provides you with some ideas to help to plan your stay in Tokyo. It is aimed at the traveller staying for a short time, maybe 2-3 nights, and includes a concise rundown of some of the major sights to tick off your list, along with some of our favourite places to eat, areas to wander, and, of course, some of our favourite shops. Even though you might barely scratch the surface on your first trip, I hope that our guide will be useful in acquainting you with what is truly an awesome and exciting city to visit.

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