I have never been a particularly big believer in ‘things happen for a reason’ and have gone through much of my life not really questioning and mostly just doing. However, this past year has been a challenging one and at times when things were maybe not the rosiest, I’ve had to look at the positives in order to keep chugging along and not get swamped down. I don’t mean that in a dramatic way, all ‘woe is me!’, just simply that you have to stay positive, or else what’s the point, right?

Because of this, I’m starting to slowly turn into one of those people that believes that things happen in life to provide answers to the questions you’ve been quietly asking yourself. Out of the blue, these answers can just appear. Like a few weeks ago, when I found some clarity that I’d been searching for. For months now I have been pondering what to do with SHELF/LIFE. Having started as a brick & mortar store back in 2009, and then an online store from 2013, it has obviously become a very significant (and challenging!) part of my life. I never ever thought I’d want to give it up. But throw a baby into the mix and, of course, my priorities slowly shifted. Now, after an eventful and somewhat confronting start to 2016, the positives have emerged from the not-so-positives and the answer has appeared. The answer for me, in a nutshell, is that what I do on a daily basis must make me feel happy, grateful, productive and fulfilled. If that involves spending quality time with my kiddo, great! If it involves spending time discussing / sharing / studying things that interest me, awesome! If it involves getting excited about new collaborations or projects, sweet!  If it means a shift away from selling and shopkeeping, and SHELF/LIFE in its current format, well, so be it.

So here’s what’s happening: I’m keeping the name, because I will always be attached to SHELF/LIFE. I’m even keeping the online store. The bit that’s changing is that now SHELF/LIFE won’t be a website you primarily visit to do a spot of shopping; it will effectively become my blog, where I will be free to share all the things I find inspiring, interesting or unusual, without feeling the constraints of somehow relating it back to the products I sell. The pressure will be off. It will become a platform to explore my somewhat varied and, possibly, surprising interests. Yes, my background is in interior design, but this isn’t going to be an interiors blog; I hope to post about all sorts of creative endeavours, and anything else that takes my fancy. As for keeping the online store, well, there are things that I have made myself and with my husband that I’d like to continue to offer to those that are interested. And hopefully in the future, I might even make more things!

I hope this goes some way toward explaining the changes. If you’re a customer of SHELF/LIFE and you’re wondering why things look a little different: thank you so much for your support so far, I’d love it if you took a look around the new site! If you’ve stumbled across this page for the first time, WELCOME! Feel free to ignore the lengthy spiel above and enjoy browsing!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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